Microsoft e descoberta de vulnerabilidades

Giro! Um post da Microsoft no site :

Hello From the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)
Posted by: MSRC (IP Logged)
Date: March 01, 2007 04:58PM


The Microsoft Security Response Center investigates all reports of security vulnerabilities sent to us that affect Microsoft products – this includes all of Microsoft online web properties such as *, * and * to name a few.

If you believe you have found a security vulnerability affecting a Microsoft product or online web property, we would like to work with you to investigate it.

We are concerned that people might not know the best way to report security vulnerabilities to Microsoft. You can contact the Microsoft Security Response Center to report a vulnerability by emailing directly. We answer every mail on a reported issue with 24-hours (and it's not an auto-responder).

We also encourage users to visit [] where you can obtain our PGP Key and S/MIME certificate to ensure you provide adequate protection for the sensitive information you send us.

The folks at the Microsoft Security Response Center