Menos de 2% dos PC completamente "patched"

Um número surpreendente fornecido pela Secunia. Convém notar que o número diz respeito a não ter todo o software patched, o que é diferente de não ter o sistema operativo patched. No entanto, mesmo em relação ao sistema operativo os números não haverão de ser brilhantes pois segundo o post no blog da Secunia:

Number of insecure programs per PC/user:
0 Insecure Programs: 1.91% of PCs
1-5 Insecure Programs: 30.27% of PCs
6-10 Insecure Programs: 25.07% of PCs
11+ Insecure Programs: 45.76% of PCs

Entretanto, há quem comece a sugerir que os patches sejam obrigatórios:

I am 100 percent aware of how unpopular an idea forced updating is, but that instinctive revulsion (I cringed, too) is itself an important part of the security problem. At what point do the very real costs of fighting and destroying botnets and the loss of productivity of the individual user begin to outweigh our collective desire to completely control how and when updates are performed? For Microsoft, that question isn't an intellectual exercise, but a real concern—how do you solve a security problem that's caused by users refusing to update their machines?