Windows 7

A ArsTechnica publicou um interessante artigo sobre o Windows 7 a propósito da aparente pressa na sua publicação. O artigo é interessante como um todo mas sob o ponto de vista da segurança há um aspecto interessante: a recolha de estatísticas em runtime ("telemetria") com vista à medição da qualidade do software. Um excerto:

One of the most important changes to its development process is the gathering of telemetry data. The first internal milestone of Windows 7 was milestone MQ, the quality milestone, and this build added facilities to collect extensive data about compatibility issues, crashes, hangs, and system performance. This data allowed Microsoft both to determine where problems lay and assess the efficacy of fixes for those issues. Every subsequent build of Windows 7 collected this data, giving the developers extensive and detailed information about how well the OS works. Microsoft knows far more about what works and what doesn't in Windows 7 at an earlier stage in its life than it did about any prior Windows release.
As a result of all the data and knowledge that has been gathered, the Windows 7 team knows how good the software is. For earlier versions of Windows, a lot of this data would have to come from end-users and bug reports. Not all of it—older versions do have some telemetry courtesy of the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)—but a lot. This means in turn that the beta program doesn't have as much work to do; instead of shipping a release that probably does works OK and then finding out from users if it does or not, Microsoft can ship a release that does work OK and just needs some fine tuning.