Cyclone is a safe dialect of C.

Cyclone is like C: it has pointers and pointer arithmetic, structs, arrays, goto, manual memory management, and C’s preprocessor and syntax.

Cyclone adds features such as pattern matching, algebraic datatypes, exceptions, region-based memory management, and optional garbage collection.

Cyclone is safe: pure Cyclone programs are not vulnerable to a wide class of bugs that plague C programs: buffer overflows, format string attacks, double free bugs, dangling pointer accesses, etc.

Cyclone attempts to avoid some of the common pitfalls of the C programming language, while still maintaining the look and performance of C. To this end, Cyclone places the following restrictions upon programs:

* NULL checks are inserted to prevent segmentation faults
* Pointer arithmetic is restricted
* Pointers must be initialized before use (this is enforced by definite assignment analysis)
* Dangling pointers are prevented through region analysis and limitations on free()
* Only "safe" casts and unions are allowed
* goto into scopes is disallowed
* switch labels in different scopes are disallowed
* Pointer-returning functions must execute return
* setjmp and longjmp are not supported


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