risk management

Risk Management is Where Money Is
Dan Geer, Nov. 1998

Given my biases, I am going to describe where the future of the security
marketplace is and where it is not. I will argue that the financial
community is and remains the place to look for "first light" for new
security technology. I will give you a rundown of what's new while I predict
what little time is left for many of today's products, purveyors and
regulators. I will argue that, in many ways, the party's over for the
security field as we know it now. I will range broadly because security, as
a concept, is universal. (...)

Risk Management Is Still Where the Money Is
Dan Geer, Computer, Dez. 2003

Five years ago, I gave a short speech at the Digital Commerce Society of Boston, titled “Risk Management Is Where the Money Is” (http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/20.06.html). In the speech, I proposed looking at security as a risk management proposition. Many things have changed since then, so perhaps it is time to reassess and to confirm in word what has been confirmed in deed. (...)