sql seguro, não tão seguro assim

Beware SQL injections due to missing prepared statement support Just because your library or framework allows you to specify an SQL query and the data separately, doesn't mean that it's sending data separately from code to the database.

Imagine this scenario. You read that prepared statements are a good way to avoid SQL injection, because the database is given code and data explicitly and separately. You chose a database that supports prepared statements. The library you use also seems to support them as you can pass SQL code and data as two separate arguments. However... internally the library just constructs a string and sends that to the database, and doesn't use the database's prepared statement support!

An example is the library "pyPGSQL", which supports PostGreSQL in Python. It has an "execute" command taking a query and parameters as separate arguments. However, internally it simply constructs a string to send off: self.res = self.conn.conn.query(_qstr % parms)


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