The ultimate guide to scareware protection
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"Throughout the last two years, scareware (fake security software), quickly emerged as the single most profitable monetization strategy for cybercriminals to take advantage of. Due to the aggressive advertising practices applied by the cybercrime gangs, thousands of users fall victim to the scam on a daily basis, with the gangs themselves earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Not surprisingly, Q3 of 2009 was prone to mark the peak of the scareware business model, whose affiliate program revenue sharing scheme is not only attracting new cybercriminals due to its high pay-out rates, but also, is directly driving innovation within the cybercrime underground acting as a reliable financial incentive.

This end user-friendly guide aims to educate the Internet user on what scareware is, the risks posed by installing it, how it looks like, its delivery channels, and most importantly, how to recognize, avoid and report it to the security community taking into consideration the fact that 99% of the current releases rely on social engineering tactics."