Dis­tri­buted Fuz­zing Fra­mework encontra 1800 bugs no Office

"We call it a botnet for fuz­zing," said Gal­lagher, re­fer­ring to what Mi­cro­soft has for­mally dubbed Dis­tri­buted Fuz­zing Fra­mework (DFF). The fuz­zing network ori­gi­nated with work by David Conger, a software de­sign en­gi­neer on the Ac­cess team. Client software ins­talled on sys­tems th­roughout Mi­cro­soft's network au­to­ma­ti­cally kicks in when the PCs are idle, such as on we­e­kends, to run fuz­zing tests "We would do mil­lions of [fuz­zing] ite­ra­tions each we­e­kend," Gal­lagher said -- up to 12 mil­lion in some cases.

fonte: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9174539/Microsoft_runs_fuzzing_botnet_finds_1_800_Office_bugs

(com agradecimentos ao João Antunes)