Exploit Kits

Exploit Kits – A Different View

Marco Preuss, Vicente Diaz

"Exploit kits are packs containing malicious programs that are mainly used to carry out automated ‘drive-by’ attacks in order to spread malware. These kits are sold on the black market, where prices ranging from several hundred to over a thousand dollars are paid. Nowadays, it is also quite common to rent hosted exploit kits. Because of this, it is a competitive market with lots of players and many different authors.

Appearing several years ago, MPack was one of the first examples of this kind of ‘tool’. This was followed shortly after by ICE-Pack, Fire-Pack and a lot of others. Today’s well-known exploit kits are, for example, Eleonore, the YES Exploit Pack and Crimepack. (...)"

ditribuição dos alvos dos 5 exploit kits mais populares:

anos em que as vulnerabilidades exploradas por esses kits foram reportadas: