morte à botnet

Um artigo interessante sobre tentativas de desligar botnets:

DoJ, FBI set up command-and-control servers, take down botnet

"Past efforts at killing botnets—the large networks of computers running malicious software to send spam, flood websites with traffic, and steal personal data—have managed to disable the networks by taking down important servers, but they've always stopped short of actually killing the botnet software itself.


A federal judge has authorized the non-profit Internet Systems Consortium, working in conjunction with the FBI, to go beyond taking down the command-and-control servers: the ISC has installed its own command-and-control servers. The command the servers are sending? Kill the botnet malware. The servers were swapped out on Tuesday evening, and the kill command was duly sent.

The kill command still stops short of removing the malware altogether—each time an infected PC is rebooted it will try to restart the botnet software. But every time, the new command and control servers will tell the software to shut down, preventing it from causing any more harm.