Google Chromebook: novas vulnerabilidades?

Um artigo interessante sobre o novo Google Chromebook (notebook com Chrome OS) e as novas classes de vulnerabilidades que este pode implicar:

Google Chromebook - a new class of security risks


"Several years ago, I wrote an article saying that malware evolves based on three conditions:
  • When hardware and operating system evolve (eg. Windows 95 killed boot viruses)
  • When security defenses change (eg. firewalls killed network worms)
  • When people start using computers in a different way (eg. Social networks)
With the Chromebook, we have an interesting case, when all these three conditions are met. It's a (somehow-)new operating system, it has new security defenses into place (self healing, updates) and it's used in a different way – the data is not on the computer but in the cloud."