Trusted Integrated Chips Program


Trusted Integrated Chips (TIC) Program

"Recent developments in the semiconductor industry show tremendous opportunity for the realization of integrated circuits and systems-on-a-chip derived from state-of-the art foundry processes. The ability of semiconductor foundries to realize multiple types of integrated circuits, MEMS, and other More-Than-Moore capabilities will likely continue in the future. In particular, such foundry processes are not only demonstrating exceptionally high performance in several technology areas, but also demonstrating low-cost, fast turn-around time, and high yield. In addition to maintaining our supply and access to integrated circuits derived from the U.S. Trusted Foundry, it is important for both the Intelligence Community and other government agencies to have access to other state-of-the art manufacturing capabilities derived from world foundries with assurance that such chips are safe and secure without malicious circuitry or reliability concerns. In addition, the protection of design intent and systems performance is an important goal to be realized in TIC.

The TIC Program aims to develop new approaches to chip fabrication where security and intellectual property concerns would otherwise prohibit the use of off-shore manufacturing foundries. Specifically, TIC seeks to address secure foundry manufacturing of chips in several ways: (...)"