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CyberAgent® is our proprietary technology that proactively detects stolen personally identifiable information and compromised confidential data, without regard for nationality or location.

At any point in time, our CyberAgent technology is monitoring thousands of websites and millions of data points, alerting registered members and consumers if we find their personal information being bought or sold online. Using a variety of data gathering techniques, such as chat room monitoring, spidering/crawler/scraping capabilities and forum extraction, CyberAgent locates compromised data on the following:
  • Forums and Websites monitored: 10,000
  • Web pages processed per day: 600,000
  • IRC channels monitored: 500
  • Number of refined PII search engine queries: 10,000
  • Twitter Feeds Monitored: 30
  • P2P Sources: 114 servers
  • Hidden/anonymous web services: 80
  • Number of malware samples analyzed per day: 22,000
  • Botnets monitored: 268 C&C servers, 200,000 compromised hosts
  • Torrent Sources: 320

By default, CyberAgent monitors a potent collection of personally identifiable information, including:
  • Social Security numbers
  • Phone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Bank account and routing numbers
  • Credit & debit card numbers
  • Medical identification numbers