EUA promovem combate à pirataria?

Uma história do outro mundo mesmo aqui ao lado: a WikiLeaks publicou um telegrama da embaixada dos EUA em Madrid a explicar a tática para pressionar o governo espanhol a introduzir uma lei contra a pirataria. O interessante era perceber quais os países que sofreram acções semelhantes.

O telegrama:

"We propose to tell the new government that Spain will appear on the Watch List if it does not do three things by October 2008. First, issue a [Government of Spain] announcement stating that Internet piracy is illegal, and that the copyright levy system does not compensate creators for copyrighted material acquired through peer-to-peer file sharing. Second, amend the 2006 “circular” that is widely interpreted in Spain as saying that peer-to-peer file sharing is legal. Third, announce that the GoS [Government of Spain] will adopt measures along the lines of the French and/or UK proposals aimed at curbing Internet piracy by the summer of 2009."

Fonte: ArsTechnica - How the US pressured Spain to adopt unpopular Web blocking law