Project Basecamp

Project Basecamp is a research effort by Digital Bond and a team of volunteer researchers to highlight and demonstrate the fragility and insecurity of most SCADA and DCS field devices, such as PLC’s and RTU’s.
The goal of Project Basecamp is to make the risk of these fragile and insecure devices so apparent and easy to demonstrate that a decade of inaction will end. SCADA and DCS owner/operators will demand a secure and robust PLC, and this will drive vendors to finally provide a product worthy of being deployed in the critical infrastructure.


Everyone knows PLC’s are vulnerable — or so we have heard for ten years now since the 9/11 attacks focused attention on DCS and SCADA security. Not only do they lack basic security features, they are also fragile. Warnings abound about the dangers of even running a port scan on a PLC. Yet even though “everyone knows” there has been little or no progress on developing even the option of purchasing a secure and robust PLC.

After this lost decade, Digital Bond decided to stop trying the same failed approach and the result is Project Basecamp. We looked for parallel situations in security where a serious problem was known, not addressed for a long time, and then something triggered a change.(...)

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