7 coisas sobre o ciber-crime russo

7 things you didn't know about Russia's cybercrime market

Last Tuesday, security firm Trend Micro released a research paper summarizing -- with several tantalizing details, naturally -- the cybercriminal underground in Russia, and it's an eye-opening read, to say the least.
The paper is based on data gathered from online forums and services used by Russian cybercriminals, contextualized by articles written by hackers on their activities. In other words, the company toured the badlands so you don't have to, and is now reporting back with intelligence.
We're not talking about hobbyists, by the way. We're talking about people who make a living doing this.
If you regularly peruse popular cybercrime forums such as antichat.ru, xeka.ru, and cardingcc.com, none of this will be news to you. But if you run a company that handles sensitive data -- these days, that's basically all of them -- there are some things you might like to know.
Seven things you probably didn't know: