Smart meters vulneráveis

Um estudo recente mostra que os smart meters usados para ler remotamente consumos de electricidade podem ser vulneráveis e fornecer informação privada dos utilizadores. O estudo refere-se a smart meters que usam comunicação wireless (existem outros que comunicam sobre a rede eléctrica).

Automated meter reading systems make life easy for intruders

(—Intruders of the break-in and snooping variety have their work cut out for them by just picking up wireless signals that are broadcast by utility meters, say researchers from the University of South Carolina at Columbia, IEEE and Rutgers. As with many other technological advances that bring new pathways for criminals, advances in meters have created concerns about intrusions. Millions of analogue meters to measure water, gas and electricity consumption have been replaced by automated meter reading (AMR) in the U.S. The newer method enables devices to broadcast readings by radio every 30 seconds for utility company employees to read as they walk or drive around with a receiver.

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An aerial view of the neighborhood where the researchers performed their eavesdropping experiments. Each blue triangle or red star represents a group of four or five meters mounted in a cluster on an exterior wall. Using an LNA and a 5 dBi omnidirectional antenna, they were able to monitor all meters in the neighborhood. Some sniffed meters may be out of the scope of this view. Credit: Ishtiaq Rouf et al.
(com agradecimentos ao Diego Kreutz)