5 melhores hacks de 2012

The 5 Coolest Hacks Of 2012

1. Beating Cybercriminals At Their Own Game
Let's just say the phony antivirus scammers dialed the wrong number.

2. Airplane Hack
The FAA's new air traffic control system has holes so big that a fake plane could fly through them.

3. Infiltrating The Smart Meter
All eyes have been on the smart grid, with its state-of-the-art technology and potentially more secure infrastructure than legacy critical infrastructure systems. But like any new technology, it has its flaws security-wise, and in one case, in the infrared "eye" in the smart meter itself.

4. RATs With Bugs
Remote access Trojans/tools -- a.k.a. RATs -- are a cybercriminal's best friend. A pair of interns for Matasano Security discovered that some popular RATs can actually be exploited to help turn the tables on the attackers behind them.

5. Videoconference Bugs The Boardroom
Renowned researcher and Metasploit creator HD Moore late last year scanned a snapshot of addressable Internet space in search of high-end videoconferencing systems that might be found in corporate boardrooms. What he found was unnerving: a quarter of a million systems that spoke H.323, the protocol used by videoconferencing systems.

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