Desmontando a botnet Gozi

Uma história interessante sobre o shutdown da botnet relacionada como o virus Gozi.

How the feds put a bullet in a “bulletproof” Web host

"Gozi was coded back in 2005 and deployed in 2007. Back then, it largely targeted Europeans. When installed on a computer, the virus waited until the user visited an online banking site and then grabbed account names and passwords—anything that might be needed for a criminal to transfer money out of the user's account. This information was then sent silently to the Gozi command and control servers, from which it was harvested a regular basis.

By 2010, the malware innovated in two important ways. First, it had gained the capability to do sophisticated Web injection. When an infected computer was pointed at a banking website, the virus wouldn't simply steal account login information; it could be configured to inject additional data requests right into the bank's webpage. This made it almost impossible to tell the requests were not being made by the bank itself. In this way, the malware could be tweaked to ask for Social Security numbers, driver's license information, a mother's maiden name, PIN codes—anything a client wanted."

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