DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

Uma grande iniciativa que pode ter um grande impacto no estado da ciber-segurança! Um excerto da explicação:

The ultimate test of wits in computer security occurs through open competition on the global Capture the Flag (CTF) tournament circuit. In CTF contests, experts reverse engineer software, probe its weaknesses, search for deeply hidden flaws, and create securely patched replacements. How hard is this work? The recently discovered Heartbleed flaw in OpenSSL went undiscovered by automation for years before experts found it. The discovery of Heartbleed required the same type of reverse engineering excellence that CTFs are designed to hone.

What if a purpose built supercomputer could compete against the CTF circuit’s greatest experts? Such a computer could scour the billions of lines of code we depend on, find and fix the toughest flaws, upend the economics of computer security, and level the playing field between attackers and defenders.

Over the next two years, innovators worldwide are invited to answer the call of Cyber Grand Challenge. Over a series of competition events, the very first prototype CTF-playing systems will be constructed, competed, and selected.

In 2016, DARPA will hold the world’s first all-computer Capture the Flag tournament live on stage co-located with the DEF CON Conference in Las Vegas where automated systems may take the first steps towards a defensible, connected future.