Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX)

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX): A Researcher’s Primer

There is a new set of features coming to Intel CPUs that have massive potential for cloud security and other applications such as DRM. However, as with all things that can be used for good there is also the potential for misuse. These features come in the guise of Software Guard Extensions (SGX). (...)

Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) is a name for Intel Architecture extensions designed to increase the security of software through an “inverse sandbox” mechanism. In this approach, rather than attempting to identify and isolate all the malware on the platform, legitimate software can be sealed inside an enclave and protected from attack by the malware, irrespective of the privilege level of the latter.

So in short this means we can create a secure enclave (or a Trusted Execution Environment – TEE – if you wish) at the CPU level which is protected from the OS upon which it is running.

Architecturally Intel SGX is a little different from ARM TrustZone (TZ). With TZ we often think of a CPU which is in two halves i.e. the insecure world and the secure world. Communication with the secure world occurs from the insecure world via the SMC (Secure Monitor Call) instruction. In Intel SGX model we have one CPU which can have many secure enclaves (islands): (...)

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