Seccubus automates vulnerability scanning with: Nessus, OpenVAS, NMap, SSLyze, Burp, Medusa, SkipFish, OWASP ZAP and SSLlabs

Anyone who has ever used a vulnerability scanner like Nessus or OpenVAS will be familiar with one of their biggest drawbacks. They a very valuable tools, but unfortunately they are also very noisy. The time needed to report on the findings of a scan is often two or three times the time needed to do the actual scan. Seccubus was created to more effectively analyze the results of regular vulnerability scans. It was designed with defenders in mind who have to scan the same infrastructure regularly.

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Onde não guardar passwords

esta é demais...

"In an interview about the satellite hack with French news program 13 Heures, TV5Monde reporter David Delos unwittingly revealed at least one password for the station's social media presence. That's because he was filmed in front of a staffer's desk—which was smothered in sticky notes and taped index cards that were covered in account usernames and passwords."

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