satlink hijacking

It's Turla Hackers | Satellite Turla Still Alive And Hiding In The Sky

Law enforcement agencies, with the help of leading IT security providers, are keen on blocking all the malware Command & Control servers they find. Sometimes, they efficiently shut down massive botnets by putting their controlling structure out of business. But one of the most advanced threat actors is still out there.

One of the reasons for Turla’s success, besides the group’s obvious professionalism, is their ability to hide the ends – namely, the above-mentioned C&Cs. Research by Kaspersky Lab experts reveals that they’re achieving this using a trick known as satlink hijacking – a technique this Russian-speaking group has been using since 2007. It involves exploiting the vulnerability of asynchronous satellite internet connections to sniff traffic, distilling the IP addresses of satellite subscribers. All the attackers need then is to set up their servers with the same IPs, configure these addresses into their malware and, after a successful infection, wait for its call for C&C.

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