Vulnerabilidades no Panamá

Soube-se hoje que os sistemas da Mossack Fonseca estavam carregados de vulnerabilidades (Wired):

"The front-end computer systems of Mossack Fonseca are outdated and riddled with security flaws, analysis has revealed.

The law firm at the centre of the Panama Papers hack has shown an "astonishing" disregard for security, according to one expert. Amongst other lapses, Mossack Fonseca has failed to update its Outlook Web Access login since 2009 and not updated its client login portal since 2013.

Mossack Fonseca's client portal is also vulnerable to the DROWN attack, a security exploit that targets servers supporting the obsolete and insecure SSL v2 protocol. The portal, which runs on the Drupal open source CMS, was last updated in August 2013, according to the site's changelog.

On its main website Mossack Fonseca claims its Client Information Portal provides a "secure online account" allowing customers to access "corporate information anywhere and everywhere". The version of Drupal used by the portal has at least 25 vulnerabilities, including a high-risk SQL injection vulnerability that allows anyone to remotely execute arbitrary commands. Areas of the portal's backend can also be accessed by guessing the URL structure, a security researcher noted.

The company's client portal, which it boasts gives customers access to "corporate information anywhere and everywhere", runs on an outdated open source CMS with at least 25 vulnerabilities
Mossack Fonseca's webmail system, which runs on Microsoft's Outlook Web Access, was last updated in 2009, while its main site runs a version of WordPress that is three months out of date. A further vulnerability makes it possible to easily access files uploaded to the backend of Mossack Fonseca's site simply by guessing the URL. (...)"

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